Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

We offer a proven, 3, 6 and 12-month coaching program to help you gain the sustainable confidence, adept communications and other skills you need to be an authentic and effective executive leader.

Each program is customized to address your needs and includes regular meetings, as well as tools to help you advance. Together we co-create your own professional and personal strategy for success.


Executive Coaching for Organizations

We offer a proven, 3, 6 and 12-month strategic roadmap coaching program – from attitudinal assessment to bi-weekly sessions to help each of your select team members become a more effective executive leader.

Working with Human Resources/other department leads, we provide a strategy and timelines for optimizing your leadership team’s skills.


Corporate Culture Transformation

Gender diversity is good for business. Unfortunately, many organizations have build-in bias, trust shortfalls and other barriers to success.

Through a three-segment workshop, we work with your team to breakdown these barriers and develop a pipeline for your future women leaders. With this pipeline in place, your organization can foster a culture of trust that attracts top-talent executives and boosts your revenue.

Women in Leadership Empowered

Want to conveniently accelerate your professional career growth without leaving your home or office? Check our affiliated organization: WIL (Women in Leadership) Empowered  – the only online community to offer you leadership development through coaching, networking, peer-to-peer mentoring and skills training


How do your choices influence…pre-mature aging, sex drive, career advancement, relationships, etc.?  How are your choices influenced by the past and the future?  During the pandemic, mandates have become a way of life and with restrictions most of us have been conditioned to believe we have no choice.

To learn how we can help you contact us at 1-800-705-1045.

During this call, we’ll discuss your challenges, goals and how one of our programs can help you or your teams achieve optimal performance.