Empowering women with leadership assets that drive business success

"As a seasoned executive with global experience, I know what it takes to drive personal and business success. I became a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) to share this expertise and empower other women." - Vicki Bradley


About Vicki Bradley

I'm one of the few certified coaches in Canada who is:

Through my past experience and coaching expertise, I’ve helped more than 100 clients develop the confidence, authenticity, communications and other skills they need to thrive. I’m also familiar with the subtle obstacles women on the leadership track face and equip my clients with the skills to overcome them.

During more than 30 years of experience in executive roles for leading companies, such as Bombay Furniture, Holt Renfrew and Marks and Spencer, I identified talent and developed top-performing teams.

This experience continues to inform my work with organizations in the technology, professional services and finance sectors, such as Telus, Red Hat and Interac. Together we enhance their top talent’s current skills and develop a pathway for future women leaders, while optimizing their business performance.

What My Clients are Saying

Valeri Hall Little

Valeri Hall Little

Business Leadership Coach

Coaching with Vicki empowered me to clearly see that my true potential is within my reach. Vicki made the invisible, visible, while gently guiding me to understand what is possible for me in my life. Before I began my coaching journey, I was challenged by playing small in my business. Through our coaching sessions, Vicki helped me put my inner critic in the backseat so I could move ahead to reach my goals. I feel energized, motivated and clear about what I want and how to achieve it, in a way that's authentic and in alignment with what's important to me.


Of all the leadership assessments, speaker series, books, courses or workshops I've tried, the Energy Leadership Assessment is by far the most impactful and insightful. It has shaped my outlook on problem solving, managing stress, making difficult decisions and how I want to show up in the world every single day. A year after taking the assessment, it continues to have a profound and lasting influence on both my personal and professional life in ways I would have never expected at the outset. I would highly recommend it to any new or experienced manager looking for a concrete way to grow and improve as a leader. 

Tina Assi

Vicki is an effective and innovative leadership coach with deep and diverse executive corporate experience and insight. Thanks to her guidance, I have become more strategic as a leader and I am able to contribute more meaningfully to my organization's mission and vision. Since I started working with Vicki, my effectiveness and impact at work have undergone a transformation. Through her coaching, I've learned to communicate differently with my team and now have a solid portfolio of new tools to leverage during challenging circumstances to achieve desired outcomes. Most notably, I've learned how to empower my direct reports by encouraging them to take on greater responsibility and accountability, with the ultimate aim of supporting their professional growth and focusing my own energy on the most value-added priorities. Vicki provides invaluable guidance and perspective and her passion is evident in every session. I highly recommend Vicki as an executive leadership coach.

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